Rubbish donations



SHOPPING LIST: Pasta, Rice, Carton of Milk, Cans of food etc.

These labels are displayed all over the massive blue container – above it on the wall, on the lid, at the front and on both sides.  Container was put there during NHS Sustainability Day, food is for homeless shelters – I think.

  • Now, children, would you tell us who works in the hospital?
  • Doctors! Nurses! Porters! Managers! Secretaries! Administration staff. Pharmacists! Consultants! Builders and maintenance staff!
  • Great answers! Lots of different people with different occupations work for the hospital. All of which have to learn a lot, study a lot to achieve their success. Who will now guess, what ended up in a big blue container?
  • Packets of rice? Maybe can of beans? Sweets! Dried fruits? Can of tuna! Everybody love tuna!
  • No, dear children, none of theses answers is true. I will have to tell you what was found in the container after it was open. It were: used take-away coffee cups, empty sandwich packets – or not entirely empty, chocolate bars wrappers, take-away food containers and so on.

That’s the end of story. Do I need to add what wasn’t found in the big blue container? No pasta was found, no tuna was discovered among rubbish, no packets of rice, no beans peering ut us from the corner. We took the blue container away…



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