Mad hat

A big joy has prevailed on friday – manager announced we don’t have to wear hats anymore! We were getting new uniforms, no hats included. I must explain here that hats we wore so far were black, round shape and looking more like a chamber pots then like hats, plus, we were overheating working between toasters, ovens, fridges. So on hearing these news I promised myself I will set at least one of them on fire!

But before I do that, me and my friend Beverly rushed to hair salons! If we were to be without hats we had to look like human beings, glamorous and chick. So, after long week of hard work, on friday afternoons we got new hair styles: I got my favourite short style bob and Beverly got short spiky hair. I almost couldn’t wait monday…

When the day – too soon – arrived I put my make up on, matching my eyeshadow to the color of the new apron. I didn’t even feel surprised when Beverly came back to the changing room to tell me that it turned out we have to wear hats. I was only disappointed. My beautiful bob!

Another thing turned out: either our manager knows nothing or he just loves breaking his promises. He promises us something to work for, to long for and then never gives it to us. Old story – like when in reward for scoring 95% in a mystery shopper report we were promised to go out, have fun, have drinks. That was in November 2013. We asked in december, we were promised in will be after New Year, we asked in January. Through february and march case was forgotten.


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