Comic post

Pencil drawing shows a man shouting "GO, clean that table now.

He has good communication skills

As I promised in my previous post, here is my drawing. 🙂

This is how I was ordered to carry on a task. As I remember the dialog went like:

When it’s not busy you can go around and clean tables, keep restaurant clean – said manager to me.

Ok, I’m just waiting for these people to pay – as there were 2 customers getting their food.

GO, CLEAN THAT TABLE NOW – was his answer, as pictured above.

I really like my drawing, even though it is pretty amateur, but he looks very similar to the original! If you could imagine that shirt he is wearing is in shades of pink, violet and purple, and he has a tanned complexion it would be like seeing his photo – well, almost… 😉

Now I am going to try to draw a Grumpy Doctor 😀



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