Grumpy Doctor

forgot his money so he is pissed off with me...

forgot his money so he is pissed off with me…

This blond-haired, wrinkle-faced doctor came one day to buy his dessert – some sort of fruit crumble with custard made of powder, not home-made, all worth exactly £1,40. When he was at the till it turned out he forgot his wallet, so he asked what he should do with the dessert. I told him to give it to the chef – as they have hot cupboards to keep it warm. Doctor then looked at me like I was some creature from space or an idiot at told me “It can’t go back on the counter”. Like I didn’t know. I tried to explain him that they will keep it for him, but he kept looking at me with his eyes wide open, unbelieving, shocked, so I said “Leave it with me”. And then I just disposed of it. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I didn’t have time to go to chef, to explain it, it was just easier for me at that moment, besides, it is so easy just to come and get another one – they are displayed, just grab and go. Few minutes later Grumpy Doctor came back: “Where is my desert”? When I told him to get another one he got really angry. What a service! I don’t have time for this! I am busy saving lives! This place has such a bad service! Etc. If he, instead of arguing, just get his dessert it would be much quicker and easier. Hey, but why making things easy? When you can let all your stress out on a catering assistant! This is my job to listen to all that crap. They but a dessert for £1,40 or a coffee for £1,60 and they think your soul goes as a freebie. He didn’t have time to get another portion, when there was absolutely no queue, but he had enough time to go back to get his wallet, and had enough time to try to create an unpleasant situation.

After that, whenever he comes, I pretend it never happened and he does the same thing. I am polite and he is polite back. He orders his coffee “cappuccino. Oh… no, maybe latte will be better, it is much more sublime”.


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