Douchebag vs Doris

This manager of an Indian Punjabi descent has an incredible talent to piss people off. He doesn’t like to waste time on greetings and other such time wasters and goes straight to the point: You have to take your earings off. There is no jewellery allowed. You have to also take your wedding ring off. Look, I am not wearing mine. – he said to Doris. When she told me that she was all shaking angrily, Doris, the statue of peace, reason and calmness and joy. She obviously kept her wedding ring, there is no such law that would forbid catering staff to wear plain wedding band, it is allowed. And about him not wearing his ring – I knew one man like that, there is this certain type of men who don’t wear their rings, for reason that most of us, women, can guess. Most of us – including me – experienced that sometime in the past when we were young and naive, or just lonely. There is nothing to be proud of, put your wedding ring on!!!

PS. All girls had to take their earings and other jewellery of – after working there for many years, when it didn’t bother anyone before.


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