The day Ludie cried

Ludie is a supervisor – profesional, very well organized, who can prioritize and plan ahead. At the evening of today she is prepared for tomorrow. She is not a boss, she is a leader – helpful teamworker, Ludie is not scared of getting her hands dirty. Works for the company for over 15 years, knows everything and everybody. Known as a Little Sergeant – for her leading talent and her short height. Typical Aries.

And yesterday The Douchebag came – one of 143 managers on site ( to be exact, there is 7 of them, usually 4 or 5 per day – way too many!). I call him this ugly name because this is the forst impression he gave when I met him. It was on tuesday when I started at 11.30 am. Already in my uniform I walk through the corridors to the office to clock in and say Hello to three managers in there, then through the kitchen to greet chefs to the service room (where we wash dishes) to see who’s there. There is no one there, only two racks full of plates and a sink piled up with dishes to be washed. That guy is at the door, sees me, and without greeting, introducing himself, who he is (I knew that, someone pointed him to me the day before, but we weren’t introduced) he goes: Are you starting now? Just now? Where are you going? What are you going to do now? I looked at him (“who the hell are you, man?!”) and replied I don’t know yet, then I walked of to ask another supervisor, Maria, what she wants me to do. I haven’t even got a chance to say Hi to everybody when he jumped at me, he didn’t even think of saying Hi to me, straight away a hundred questions, like from a machine gun. Another reason for the nickname is his passion for following everybody with a timer to check how long they take doing tasks, for being a peeping tom, and opening the door to the service room to check if we work, how we work, to say We need forks, We need trays, Can you hurry up, etc. He basically walks around watching how others are working, giving orders opposite to what I was taught earlier (like serving on a 3rd till which is quite far from the main restaurant, king of on the site, so less busy, and in the same time cleaning tables, collecting dirty dishes and delivering them to the pot room – all in the same time. Or giving orders opposite to what I was told a minute ago by another manager.

The Douchebag and Ludie had an argument about our break times, he wasn’t happy that team members needed to go on break (he wants us to have breaks as soon as we start work, so if we start at 7am, we should have break at that 7am, because later it’s “too busy”. Ludie tried to reason with him but he went nuts at her, shouting standing above her, wagging his finger. Our usual (un)normal manager joined in to the attack. Two tall men were letting it out on a little woman. Poor Ludie couldn’t take it. She broke down and cried – for quite a long time in the staff toilet. Beverly went there to give her a glass of water.

Today I spoke to Regina, third supervisor, who said that she works with Ludie for over 15 years and she never saw her crying. It took two assholes to make it happen.


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