Post-holiday impressions

Spontaneously I went on holiday, I packed my partner and off we went to Poland. How lucky we were to get few days off in the same time! It was a quick one, just few days and today I was back at work – 6.30 am. Bad because I have to get up soooo early, but good because I finish early 🙂 First days aren’t easy. You feel lazy and move and think in slow motion, forget basic things like login numbers and prices. To make things worse since the new company came there is no such thing as routine, every week they want things to be done differently, so thanks to that I was confused even more.
So, whats new?

People get fed up – that’s not new, but they start to show it. Chef Glen put his resignation letter, he will stay with us only one month cause that is his notice period. Head chef told me he also looks for job opportunities. I wouldn’t be worried about them, there is always a lot of well paid jobs for chefs.

Bov is still sick, it lasts quite long already. She doesn’t feel well but I think – I am sure that stressful atmosphere plays a part in it. I know exactly how she feels. On sunday she is irritated and anxious, already worried about coming monday. In the train, she still holds a grip, but once outside the station, opposite hospital’s building she wants to retch. I know this feeling from autopsy. I learnt by experience.

Our big meeting with HR two weeks ago didn’t bring any results so far. Manager still wanted me to go for break at 8am (lil’ reminder – I started at 6.30 am, finished 2.30pm). I reasoned with him that this is too early if I finish at 2.30pm, so he mercifully agreed for me to go at 9am. Ludie went at 8. Am I right – shouldn’t we get breaks every 4 hours by law? Management wants us to have breaks by 10am, because at 10.30 breakfast finishes so we have to clean up and set up for lunch. Sometimes, like today I couldn’t go at 10 because there is hospitality to deliver (things like teas or coffees, sometimes some food delivered to meeting rooms). It is very hard to go for break so early and later work for 6hrs non stop, being hungry and dizzy because of hunger. Is it so hard to understand? Chefs can snack when cook, managers can eat at their desks when they want to, no one stops them from having break whenever they feel like it, only us, catering assistants, have to sneak out to wash room, to changing room to quickly eat something small to keep us going. Like prisoners or slaves. This isn’t a canteen, this is camp in Sobibor and we are its prisoners – comparison made by Dan and I wouldn’t find any better.

They reduced number of managers to 3 per shift. Every little helps but I still don’t know who I should listen to. An example from today: I was at the 3rd till, this is something of a support till, it’s placed quite far from two others on a bridge connecting south and north tower. When I don’t have any customers my job is to keep tables on the bridge clean. That is fine. But one of the managers told me (not for the first time) to also keep an eye on the main part of the dining room, clean tables, collect dirty plates. So I did. But when I’m in the main part I can’t see customers waiting at me at a till. I was cleaning one of the tables when manager F. came to me: You can’t be here, leave it, you have to be on that till! Go there, go there! I tried to explain to him that the other guy told me to do it, to be everywhere. No, you have to be on the till – was the answer. So I went on the till to serve customers. And I kept asking myself Who the hell is a manager here? I am going to ask this question on another staff meeting on the 25th of June. I already mention that – and from what I know not only me – on the meeting with HR. It creates som much confusion, so much stress, because wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you are always doing something wrong.



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