I won!

Fresh news! When it was delivered I could see a relief and a restrained smiles on people’s faces – just slightly lifted lips’ corners. Don’t roll your eyes like that – said Ludie to me when she saw me hardly stopping my laughter. I am happy how things turned out! My bully of a manager has resigned. We will have to look at him only till the end of July. All complaints, meetings with HR, mine and Bovaly’s mostly, have paid off. Someone had finally listened!

I am also almost sure that he resigned because he had to make a choice: either resignation or being sacked. I think so because, first, why would he give up on a managerial position in a big organisation, that is also part of NHS? Such place gives you a lot of opportunities to progress, to have a good career. Second, on our last big meeting with HR everybody were complaining about him, his behaviour, the way he talks to people, making them cry. This crusade goes almost since he started. Me and Bov started complaining very early, before anyone else. It helped a little bit for a short time, after that everything came to as it was. I wish I thought about stating this blog earlier – there was a lot to write about.

I now see my last conversation with him in a different light. About two weeks ago, on friday, he took me to his office to tell me that he doesn’t like my attitude, that I look like I don’t care about the job, that my morale is low. How the hell could it be high in an atmosphere like this?! He said that he keeps getting a negative feedback about me from other people, managers… That sometimes I do a good job, and sometimes I’m like this.

I must admit I was a bit down that day, I could do some multitasking, but then sometimes I get so confused… We try to do things, but there is so many supervisors and managers that each time you start something they stop you and send you to a different task so I decided to don’t do anything without being told. I was waiting for customers to serve and instead of cleaning or organizing something, I was just standing and staring at space. Besides, I know his game. The other day he told Bovaly that the managers didn’t like something she has done. He told her this 5 minutes after they told her they liked the way she works with customers etc. He never gave anyone a positive feedback, any feedback we get from him is always negative one.

That day he also said: This new company is here to stay. I won’t be here forever but these people will. They will stay here forever ever ever. And you will be here forever. I didn’t get upset, I know his game. He just tried to play on my deepest fear, on my worst nightmare, which would be working there till the end of my life. Now I think there is something more to it. He said he wouldn’t be there forever to make his resignation look like it was his independent decision! Not like he was put under the wall.

I wonder how he feels now. How such person as him feels knowing that everybody is happy of him leaving, that no one is going to miss him, no one will think it was nice working for him. I would be feeling a bit sorry if anyone else was leaving, anyone. Every person has their faults, but they are not bad and he is a bad person. Sad miserable man who thought he could keep people under his shoe and demand to be respected because he is a manager.

I am sorry too, because I had a vision of me giving him my resignation and then on my last day at work telling him a few bitter words of truth. But he resigned first, was forced to resign, partly thanks to me and this is partly my victory.


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