Never make a job your priority!

I’ve learnt a lesson yesterday. I had some insights before, I could feel it, that my thinking was right but yesterday I saw it in flesh. No matter how hard you work, how much overtime you do, how great job you are doing on everyday basis, that you are not scared of getting sweaty or dirty, if the company wants to fire you, they will. For whatever secret reasons they have. Because.

After it was announced that my bully of a manager has resigned, it was also announced who would take over. It was Anneka, one of the managers from a new company. Great boss to work for. Not even a boss but a leader. Boss sits behind their desks, or walks around looking at worker’s job, watching and pointing out mistakes, never helping. Leader – like Anneka – puts her hands in everything. Paperwork like printing, making staff rotas, programing tills and other office jobs. Preparing hospitality for the offices – she spent hours cutting kilograms of fruits to prepare gorgeous platters, preparing the whole thing. The other day me and my colleague forgot to take sandwiches when delivering this to the office in a different building, quite far. I had my phone already in my hand to call her, we were waiting for the lift to go back to get these sandwiches. The lift’s door open and who was there with a trolley loaded with sandwiches? Anneka. Mind reader 😉 It saved us a lot of walking and a lot of time. When she is needed she works as a barista, making coffee, when needed she serves hot food from over the counter.

For a change, the other manager, Indian-whose-name-no-one-can-pronounce, even said I don’t do anything, when he was asked to refill drinks fridge.

Anneka, since she came she was doing 10 – 12 hours shifts to do everything that needs to be done. I know she’s been at work till almost 7pm on the day of her daughter’s 9th birthday. She called me – she said, she wanted to talk to her mom. I was a bit critical when I heard that. At work on your daughter’s birthday? Whats more important? Job or child? I tried being non-judgemental, but still… I didn’t agree with that. Especially after what happened yesterday.

On Wednesday 25th they offered her a position of a General Manager to cover Felipe. Yesterday they sacked her. At 3pm they had a meeting with her and by 4pm she was out of the building. Promotion came as a surprise and dismission came as a shock. Promotion was accepted with enthusiasm and cheer of the team present at a meeting, someone singing You’ve got the power! When they told her they fire her, she was shocked, she told me, it came completely unexpectedly. She was fired on the spot, without any notice period, without having a chance to explain herself.

When company wants to fire you, they will. All good things, great job you’ve been doing before don’t matter anymore, they are forgotten. All that matters is your horrible mistake, one mistake you’ve made. And no matter how professional you are, sooner or later you will have a worse day, when you are not feeling well, or got up with left foot and you will make a mistake. You are human… And you won’t get a second chance, no mater what you’ve done for the company before. They hae their politics, maybe one of them wants this position for his family member or friend, or who knows what happen. Maybe they’ve used her to get rid of Felipe, now she has done what she supposed to, she is free to go? I don’t know…

But I know now for sure that no job should ever be my priority, ever. This is just a job, partner or husband, parents, brothers or sisters, kids, friends are more important. Health is important. Job can be found, money earned, not of the above thing can.

Anneka was a great leader, great female manager. She cared about staff members, always asking Are you OK? All good?, and she was first such person, no other supervisor or manager has ever asked me if I was ok, if I needed water when I worked t the till. She told us to shout loud in the queue Does anyone want a hot drink?? She told us to talk loud about what is wrong, she gave us – or just me – voice and courage. She is a great role model.

PS. There is a song made by almost legendary, and for sure very well-known polish band called Lady Pank titled Mniej niż zero (Less than zero) – here are the lyrics – original and with english translation. I think this song is very suitable for today’s post, song goes:

There are people though – I kid you not
To whom you’re worth

Less than zero

Here is link to Youtube, Lady Pank.



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