(Non) smoking

If you don’t smoke it doesn’t mean you can’t have a cigarette break! Smokers, generally get longer breaks, than non-smoking staff. They get their legal half an hour plus now and then their 5 minutes for cigarettes. If you think of a building I am working in, when waiting for a lift can take 10 minutes one way (I am not joking or exaggerating) it adds up to quite a long time… As the canteen is on the 5th floor it is hard to use stairs.

Last monday I decided that as a non-smoker I can’t let myself to be discriminated, so I demanded a cigarette break. Besides I was extremely pissed off with our so-called acting supervisor and stressed. My manager seeing me (and listening to my fiery speech of how I am going to slap my aforementioned acting supervisor in the face) just couldn’t refuse. I grabbed a glass of cold water, went outside and enjoyed the rain and cold fresh october air.

I am going to recommend that now to all the staff.


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