Idiot of the day (part 1)

I decided to start a cycle of posts, each describing stupid human behaviour. Pretty much everyday something stupid happens so I will have a lot of material to work with.

So, let’s get it on…

A guy came today in the morning. He had a breakfast and he also ordered a cappuccino. I charged him and started making his coffee. In the meantime another customer came so I asked him if he wanted any drink. He asked for a tea. I’ve frothed the milk but I had to wait for espresso, so I made the tea first, before the cappuccino. I put it next to the coffee machine where we serve drinks. I didn’t put the lid on, tea was without the milk, teabag still in there. Guy who ordered the cappuccino looked at the tea and asked:

– Is this my cappuccino?

– No. This is a tea… – said with a voice tone of a parent who is about to lose her patient. With a voice tone that said Does that look like a cappuccino, you stupid imbecile? With the head that thought And it is ME serving THEM.


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