Communication, communication, communication…

Yesterday morning I called off sick because I’ve pulled some muscle in my lower back and I’m in pain. I can’t even sit… Our procedure is that we need to call again later in the day to let them know if we are coming the next day or not. We should call before 2pm. So I did. Twice. No one picked up the phone so I thought that when they see that I called twice, they would call me back. No one did.

Today I supposed to start at 11.30am and exactly at this time supervisor M. called me to ask if I am coming. I explained to her I called twice yesterday, no one picked up, no one got back to me. She wasn’t happy.

Looks like supervisor R. couldn’t be bothered to find out yesterday if there is enough staff for today. I understand that sometimes it is very busy and chaotic in my place, and there might be no time to pick up phones. But that’s why I thought R. would call me back when she sees the miscall – to check if I am coming back. This time – 2pm – is early enough for them to find a cover for the absent person. But it only works if you pick up the phone – or at least call back to find out. But I think R. didn’t do that because today’s late shift (starting at 11.30) is not her shift. It is M.’s shift – it is M.’s problem.

There is a big print on the glass in the office that says we always need to call them if we can not come to work. I am going to write on it – in my hand-writing – that they should pick up the phone! Or call back. If I didn’t call I would be in trouble. If they don’t communicate between each other – it is normal. Team work, ha? Communication? Nah… What for? Not my shift – not my problem.


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