Bad, bad catering assistant!

OMG! It is probably unprofessional and maybe even rude what I’ve just done. But, to my excuse, I’ve had enough… 8hrs in that place is enough.

Thursdays are always the worst days. On Wednesdays there is everybody on duty. Everybody. All three supervisors, all permanent staff, all zero hours staff. At 6.30 am supervisor and one staff member start shift, then at 7am someone comes, next person, second supervisor at 8am, and one staff member at 9am, plus two part time girls from 10am to 3pm.. Late shift starts at 11.30. At this time there is a third supervisor coming and two other staff members. Another part-time girl starts at 3pm. Day is running smoothly and easy. Unfortunately after that, comes thursday. Usually it is two people less – there is no one starting at 10am, and no one at 3pm. This turns Thursdays into a nightmare. It reminds me The Old Days, before the New Company took over, when we used to run like headless chickens, between tills, coffee machine and cleaning.

Today is also thursday. Busy as always plus some hospitality to prepare and deliver. I am not sure who was making the list we use to prepare but apparently we forgot about one customer and they never got coffee and stuff they paid for. They were clever though and nicked coffee that I delivered to a different customer who then called complaining: Where is our coffee? After it was all sorted, lunch started:

I got this feeling that they’re gonna break down the door
I got this feeling they they’re gonna come back for more*

Here we are getting to the point. I started at 6.30, so I finish at 14.30. So was J. 14.30 came and passed and no one came to take over. J. finished serving one customer, turned around and walked off. Making hot chocolate, I shouted to her to call someone. I finished making the hot chocolate, no one came. So what did I do? I turned around and walked off. I walked off leaving a line of about 8 – 10 people dumbstruck. Are you kidding me?! Are you serious?! – I heard them asking. I replied Yes, I am, but I am going to call someone. So I did. I don’t know if anyone came there, and how long it took because I’ve disappeared in the thin air.

Why didn’t I wait? You see, I didn’t wait because first and foremost it wasn’t the first time – I remember plenty of times, waiting, calling and no one came. I ended up stranded there for 15 minutes. Second reason – they are such excellent time keepers. If I am late to work 10 minutes they tell me off, they keep tracking my break time, we all have to clock-in and out when we go, so we can’t be even a minute too long. Otherwise – they tell us off. Third reason – no on was controlling this place today. Manager nowhere to be seen, one supervisor busy, the other supervisor was J. who walked off first.

*Quote comes from The Killers’ song Tranquillize.


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