Pain in the…

Bang, bang, he shot me down,
Bang bang, I hit the ground…

It’s about 1pm, middle of the lunch, busy, people storming canteen from every direction, asking, demanding, chatting, calling, noisy. To put it bluntly – a fire in the brothel. Chef J. is beating a world record in the speed of cooking. He is standing by the fryer. I am in front of him, asking for more vegetables, cause they just finished on the hot counter. Behind his back Daniela and Susana are bothering him for more chips. He’s surrounded. And he’s surrounded by ladies. He can’t stand the tension anymore.

Suddenly, he grabs one of the pots and BOOOOM, how he banged in on the metal table! All three of us jumped! I felt stabbing pain deep in my left ear and I must say I’ve got a shock for a moment! Even now, I can still feel a little pricking n my ear…


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