Supervisor of some description

D. comes to work slightly before 8am so he can eat some breakfast. As he waits for me to make him a hot chocolate, he asks:

– Who is a supervisor today? A short “non of your business” woman? Or “I don’t know what to do” woman? Or is it “Go to the till!!!” woman?

Three sentences, three perfect descriptions of our three supervisors. Nail hit on the head.

Supervisor first is L. She always has a word sparring with D. and it always finishes with None of your business or Shut up your mouth. D. loves it. He must love it because he always provokes her.

Supervisor second is M. who tries so hard, but just can’t make it. She wants to do everything at the same time. This way nothing gets done. She is the nice one.

Supervisor three is R. R. is simply rude. Her tone of voice, her way of speaking. She doesn’t ask, she orders. You have to always – and I mean always – say Please when you ask her for something, otherwise she will give you a lecture on good manners. Hearing Please from her lips – rare occurrence.