These complicated social relations…

Me and my partner in crime (Bov) worked together serving hot food. While she went for break I worked with Ru. It is so hot in there… I felt jealous of Bov getting out of there for a few minutes, so I started moaning to the manager, that I want to swap with someone. I’ll kill you, he said, making strangling gesture with his hands, smiling. Then he said I can go on the till, but then again Bov was back, so I didn’t want to go. I just like working with her. I like working with Bov, I said. Ru heard that. And you don’t like with me?! What’s wrong with me?!, she got angry with me. I didn’t reply.

I didn’t mean it THAT way. I don’t mind Ru. It’s just she is on my neutral side. Bov is on my positive side, I actually like her. She is my friend, I consider her my friend. We are connected by our experience, we helped each other. When our ex-manager was harassing and bullying us – all of us – we stood up to him together. We go out, shop and have fun together.

And about Ru… If there is a chance she can take someone’s words against herself, she will. If there is a chance she can get offended, she will, It is her against the world. She told me this, she didn’t greet me, etc. I am wondering what made her that way. What life she had? Or it is just working here for over 15 years, in an atmosphere of bitching?


Only God or vitamins

Friday afternoon. Me and Gifty are working in a pot wash room. Lunch just finished so there is a huge amound of dishes, pots, pans, trays etc piling up. I wash small items – plates, trays and cutlery, Gift works on heavy duty stuff, pots big enough to bath in them, heavy trays used to display food on the hot counter, large metal trays used by chefs for cooking and so on.

Sometime into our quiet, consistent work she asks me How are you? I answer that I’m ok but I can feel I am getting tired. The symptopms include me getting grumpy, the sort of mood when it is better to don’t approach me without the stick, especially if the reason for approaching is to ask some stupid question.
Do you take any vitamins? – asks Gifty.
No, not really. I used to take. Do they help?– You should take those ones that are good for hair, skin and nails.
I nod.
It is Wellwoman.
This is what I used to take – I say – but I never remebered to take them regular.
I have them in my bag.

Then a conversation tapers off. After a while Gifty turns to me and asks:
You’re a christian, I think?
– Yes, I am –
I say, slightly surprised, what does this have to do with anything, even unsure if I heard her right.- So every morning when you wake up you should ask God to give you strenght. You should say “Thank you God,please, I need a strenght to go to work and do it”. 

Then I remember the words I’ve read before I came to work:

Don’t tell God that you have a big problem. Tell your problem that you have great God.


– Does He give the strenght when you ask?
– Yes, He does. You just need to believe.

I nod again. It keeps happening to me. People talking to me about God. Even in this smelly and dirty pot washing room it is not the first time I heard about God, about going to the church. One of the agency staff once invited me to go to his church. You need God. Where will you go after you died? You need God to go to Heaven. Faith as simple as that. Pray to God, He will give you. He will give you strenght, He will give you eternity, He will offer you help with washing hundreds of plates and with dealing with annoying customers. I am not even trying to be ironic here.

Moral is that to survive in this place, to don’t get tired, to do everything you are expected to do, you need a support. It is good to start with vitamins but if they don’t help, you need to turn to God. You won’t make it on your own.