These complicated social relations…

Me and my partner in crime (Bov) worked together serving hot food. While she went for break I worked with Ru. It is so hot in there… I felt jealous of Bov getting out of there for a few minutes, so I started moaning to the manager, that I want to swap with someone. I’ll kill you, he said, making strangling gesture with his hands, smiling. Then he said I can go on the till, but then again Bov was back, so I didn’t want to go. I just like working with her. I like working with Bov, I said. Ru heard that. And you don’t like with me?! What’s wrong with me?!, she got angry with me. I didn’t reply.

I didn’t mean it THAT way. I don’t mind Ru. It’s just she is on my neutral side. Bov is on my positive side, I actually like her. She is my friend, I consider her my friend. We are connected by our experience, we helped each other. When our ex-manager was harassing and bullying us – all of us – we stood up to him together. We go out, shop and have fun together.

And about Ru… If there is a chance she can take someone’s words against herself, she will. If there is a chance she can get offended, she will, It is her against the world. She told me this, she didn’t greet me, etc. I am wondering what made her that way. What life she had? Or it is just working here for over 15 years, in an atmosphere of bitching?


He won’t step on me

For the last two weeks I serve lunch over the counter. New management love me there, I keep getting a positive feedback on my work, that I smile much more, I interact with customers better, I generally display more energy. All of these managers told me that. Even Felipe.

And I am wandering now… Our last 1 – 2 – 1 convesation… He said he got a ngegative feedback about my work from a top manager, Sharon after I worked with her for about half an our serving food. It was very busy so she jumped in to help me. So, if my work there was so bad, why am I still behind that counter? Why I keep getting good feedback and thank you? Why the other day the same Felipe told me I did a good job? Maybe beccuse the new manager, Indian guy, told him to do so? Neither me, nor anyone else, ever, got a positive words from Felipe!

He just loves keeping people under his shoe, to try and undermine their confidence and morale, he loves pushing them down. Or should I say pulling them down to where he already is?